About Us

绿宝是独特的回收管理,教育与科技公司。 我们开发独一无二的绿色奖励系统,以鼓舞都市人更有意愿和责任参与资源分类的习惯,自助分类回收以及成为City Ranger 上门回收服务的自愿份子。这可协助我们执行生态保护和协助地球减碳。

KARUN HIJAU is a Unique Recycling Management and Education and Technology Company. We develop Unique Green Point System to REWARD everybody like you to do a better Waste Segregation, Self Drop-Off or Become our CITY RANGER Voluntary Service Program to assist us to execute ECO PROTECTION And REDUCE CARBON EMISSION. We emphasize on PROPER EDUCATION +++ ACTION +++ TRANSPARENT WASTE SOLUTION. We BELIEVE Technology always can help for better solution and Social Media can help to reach the Right People. We FOCUS to work together with RELIABLE RECYCLE COLLECTORS/ VENDORS/ MERCHANTS and DOE Registered FACTORIES / MANUFACTURERS. We start from Urban Household User and build to nearby Community. Our TARGET USERS are :

1) Individual Urban Household

2) Resident Association from a Gated Garden or Condominium from Urban


4) COrporate/GLC CSR Department

5) NGO /NPO Project

6) Primary/Secondary Schools/Colleges/Universities

At Karun Hijau, we valued everybody waste segregation effort. The program of 'Reward Your Green Effort' is designed by giving you Green Point reward through green technology, management & education. We encourage everybody to practice Green Lifestyle through Urban Carbon Concept Store. The Store selling all Reused Products.

More details PLEASE visit our PINPOST at https://web.facebook.com/myhijau.com.my/ KARUN HIJAU RECYCLING AND URBAN CARBON STORE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.